Stranger Things’ Murray Becomes The Karate Kid In Crossover Art

A new piece of Stranger Things fan art sees Murray Bauman practicing his illegal crane kick in a hilarious crossover with The Karate Kid.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for stranger things season 4.

stranger things‘Murray Bauman channels his inner Danny LaRusso in a new track from The Karate Kid-inspired fan art. The 1984 action classic follows LaRusso as he trains with Mr. Miyagi and takes on the Cobra Kai dojo, defeating Johnny Lawrence at the All Valley Karate Tournament with what could have been an illegal crane kick. Nearly four decades later, the nostalgic fallout Cobra Kai streams on Netflix alongside stranger things– who now has his own karate master.

Former gonzo journalist, conspiracy theorist and dedicated libertarian, Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman) was first introduced in stranger things season 2. After having a recurring role in season 3, Gelman was promoted to a series regular for season 4, which premiered on May 27. Volume 1 Season 4 sees Murray accompany Joyce to Russia to retrieve Hopper from the Kamchatka facility. En route, the couple are betrayed by the smuggler Yuri. Fortunately, Murray the fingers are like arrows, the arms like iron and the legs like spears. In short, he knows karate.


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Artist Zascanauta recently posted some art on Instagram, which sees stranger things‘ Murray replaces Daniel as The Karate Kid. The piece capitalizes on the similar settings of both projects and depicts Hawkins’ resident black belt practicing his crane kick. Check it out below:

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When Murray first informs Joyce that he is taking karate lessons with a group of teenagers, the audience is led to believe his abilities would be a joke. Much to everyone’s surprise, Murray defeats not just Yuri, but a ward of Soviet soldiers in Kamchatka in an impressive mix of action and comedy. That said, Gelman took his karate preparation for Season 4 very seriously. In previous interviews, the actor has spoken about training for three months during lockdown with taekwondo masters, Simon Rhee and Phillip Rhee, who starred in the 1989 film Karate Best of the best.

Suffice it to say that Murray’s skills are one of the many surprises of stranger things season 4 volume 1. In “Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab,” Murray and Joyce manage to rescue Hopper and Dimitri from the Demogorgon and reunite with their long-lost friend. Now they will have to get out of Kamchatka and back to the children of Nevada, Eleven having regained her powers and remembering Vecna, who is currently threatening Nancy and the rest of the Party. Unfortunately for Murray, a crane strike will likely have no effect on the caster when Volume 2 comes out on July 1st.

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Source: Zascanauta/Instagram

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