Summerlands Taekwondo Takes Success In Latest Martial Arts Competition

Summerlands Taekwondo returned to action on its final weekend of competition.

Following the conclusion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the World Taekwondo Federation has chosen to review and amend its current rules to make a major rule change on June 1, 2022.

As a result, the Summerlands competitors were thrust into their first competition since the rule change, making for an exciting but unpredictable day.

Having previously had to fight three rounds and win based on accumulated points scored, the new rules state that the winner would be determined according to a “Best of 3 rounds” format, in which points are tallied in each round and the contestant with the most points. would be the winner of that particular round.

Therefore, the first contestant to win two rounds would then be considered the winner.

Taking a small team of 5: Harry Westmorland, Mya Lightley, Jaidyn Livesey, Clarke Benson and Georgie Colvan, the team fought through all of their designated fights (some having 3 fights in the day) to all make it to the finals .

By leaving with 3 gold medals (from Mya Lightley, Jaidyn Livesey and Clarke Benson and 2 silver medals from Harry Westmorland and Georgie Colvan), the team showed its adaptability and willingness to challenge itself. and managed to overcome them to achieve impressive results.

Ryan Lightley, Senior Instructor and Head Coach at Summerlands, said: “After each Olympic cycle, the WTF always reviews its rules and policies to assess what worked well and what didn’t. Therefore, these rules have now been implemented.

“Any transition will always be difficult when you’re used to doing things a certain way, but I think the ‘Best of 3’ format worked well for us and with some of the other rules implemented (like winning a round if the fighters rack up a 12 point gap), benefited the fighters as they were able to end the fight sooner than they had before which ultimately kept their energy ready for their next fight and returned the competition more exciting and engaging.

“I will certainly be interested to see the impact of these new rule changes on the competition circuits and I am confident that our members will take all of this in their stride as they have done before, to hopefully continue their hit.”

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