Surprising cameo fans hope to see Cobra Kai’s future

Actor Neil Patrick Harris has an unusual connection to the “Cobra Kai” universe through one of his own iconic characters – the insatiable bachelor Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother”. It is well established during the CBS sitcom that Barney idolizes Johnny and William Zabka. Barney even helps popularize a fan theory that Daniel is the one who bullies Johnny from the start. This plot point causes Zabka to play a fictional version of himself seven times in the series (via IMDb).

U / Original-Joke-3739 on Reddit expressed hope Harris would reciprocate Zabka and the guest star in an episode of “Cobra Kai.” Posting an Instagram screenshot of Julia Macchio (the daughter of Ralph Macchio actress) showing the Macchio family with Harris and her husband David Burtka u / Original-Joke-3739 said: “I ‘ hope we get to see nph at some point in the series, “and added that” a little cameo is the least they can do. ” The suggestion met with mixed responses on the subreddit. “That would be great,” u / Superbunny0302 said, illustrating more positive respondents.

While other fans weren’t ready for a Barney cameo, they are hoping Harris could appear on the show as another of his iconic TV characters. “An adult Dr. Doogie Howser could be the doctor on call at the tournament,” u / justadude0815 suggested, suggesting that the character then proclaim “that Daniel is the real tyrant” after hearing about Daniel and Johnny’s shared past. Others disagreed with the idea of ​​having Harris on the program. “I would find that entertaining,” u / HereNowHappy said, bringing in the thoughts of those who don’t like the idea. Fans will find out whether or not the series dares to go meta when “Cobra Kai” launches a new season in December.

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