Taekwondo academy wins hundreds of medals

André’s taekwondo academy has had a busy few months.

Chief instructor and owner of Norwood academy, Sabumnim Andre van Tonder said in early May that the academy hosted the Johannesburg regional tournament in which the academy won 53 gold, 32 silver and 24 bronze.

Participants competed in form, weapon form, sparring, combat weapon, extreme martial arts freestyle, and weapon.

In mid-May, the academy hosted the Johannesburg District Tournament where the academy won 103 gold, 37 silver and 17 bronze medals.

In June, the academy participated in the Arnold Classic Games and won 15 gold, 19 silver and 13 bronze medals.

“For some of our students, participating in these three tournaments was training for the upcoming ATA Taekwondo World Championships in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in July,” Van Tonder said.

The academy teaches children aged three and over at their studio, 120 Ivy Road, Norwood. They also offer women’s fitness classes, women-only taekwondo and kickboxing classes, weapons training, self-defense, and more.

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