Ten-year-old Venezuelan boy with Down syndrome finds joy in Trinidad


Diego Alejandro Gonzalez Sanchez is a huge FC Barcelona fan. -LINCOLN SUPPORT

Diego Alejandro Gonzalez Sanchez is an 11-year-old Venezuelan boy who is an inspiration to his family.

He has Down’s syndrome but his condition does not prevent him from learning, especially karate.

“I like karate because I learn to defend myself. My brothers help me and teach me everything,” Diego said, blushing when asked by Newsday Kids.

Diego is the second of three boys. Carlos Eduardo, 13, is the eldest and Saul Ricardo is the youngest at ten. The three brothers and their mother Yassy Yuleivys Sanchez Toribe live in Enterprise, Chaguanas.

Diego Alejandro Gonzalez Sanchez practices karate and loves to paint. -LINCOLN SUPPORT

Sanchez Toribe came to Trinidad six years ago from Puerto Cabello, Carabobo, Venezuela. Separated from the father of her sons, she emigrated to work to support them. A year ago, Sanchez Toribe brought his boys to Trinidad.

Upon his arrival, Diego began to show affection and soon became involved in household chores. Everything he sets out to do, he does independently, which brings him joy, his mother said.

“Diego is a very happy and loving boy. He likes to draw, paint, listen to music and, above all, dance. Like any child, he has his days, is in a very bad mood and does not want to do anything, but in it dealing with a lot of love and patience, you come to understand what he wants. It’s a learning curve for us,” she said.

Karate is one of his passions. On Saturdays, he and his brothers attend a nearby dojo. He learns to share with other children, and he is the center of attraction.

Diego receives weekly visits from an occupational therapist. She entrusts him with several activities that he does very well. He also attends art workshops every fortnight.

“It’s a bit sad for us how little health and education support our children are getting. Diego’s case is even more so because of his condition,” his mother said.

Diego Alejandro Gonzalez Sanchez, left to right, his brothers Saul Ricardo and Carlos Eduardo and their mother Yassy Yuleivys Sanchez Toribe at Enterprise, Chaguanas.

“I’ve read a lot about Down’s Syndrome and normally they come with heart issues. In Diego’s case, his last evaluation revealed something in his heart that deserves further investigation, but it’s hard for me to say. pay for a private medical consultation. For now, I’m working hard so that he and his brothers don’t lack for anything.

“I would like him to go to school like the rest of the children so that he can brighten up his days.” Migrant children are not allowed to attend local schools.

Meanwhile, Diego’s brothers try to teach him a bit of everything and watch over him.

Diego also loves football and his favorite team is the Spanish club FC Barcelona.

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