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Adam Ondra is among the many favorites for a gold medal in climbing.

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Tokyo Olympics is just a few weeks away and this year we are witnessing the long overdue debut of new premium sporting activities that will work wonders for viewers alive again.

Climbing makes a long appearance, alongside skateboarding. Boating and karate are also alongside baseball and softball experience.

That’s all you need to know.

New sports activities at the Tokyo Olympics


Well Named, karate – a work of martial art originating in Okinawa during the Ryukyu Dynasty – making its Olympic debut in Tokyo, becoming a member of judo, taekwondo and wrestling. It consists of two disciplines for each woman and man: kata (varieties) and kumite (sparring).

In kata, athletes present a series of offensive and defensive actions against a numerical opponent and are assessed on energy, speed, pace, stability and energy, among different problems, using a system of factors.

In kumite, two rivals of equal weight compete in a space of eight by eight meters for three minutes. They are awarded points after landing strikes, kicks or punches with good type, good energy and good management over the goal space of their opponent’s physique. The individual with the most points at the end of the match or the first individual to accumulate an eight-point lead is said to be the winner. Need to dive deeper into karate? Head to the World Karate Federation website for more.

Man skateboarding in outdoor skate park

Skateboarding will bring a touch of avenue tradition to the Summer Olympics.

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As soon as a sport relegated to southern california streets and mainly competitions in areas of interest, skateboarding makes its Olympic debut. The men’s and women’s Olympic skateboarding will feature two occasions: park and avenue. The road course is designed to mimic avenue skating, with stairs, ramps and rails that runners can use to collectively place a collection of tips. Athletes skate individually over three timed races and are scored on issues such as the issue of their spikes, speed, peak and originality. Only their most significant race is taken into account for the total classification.

The park event takes place in addition to a bowl-shaped course, in the sense that it appears to be hollowed out. Runners use the slopes throughout the course to build momentum and perform tips. They are judged on issue and originality, among different issues. Learn more about competitive skateboarding.

Sport climbing

woman block

Block walls are shorter, but come with a lot of challenges, like tiny sockets and overhangs.

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Within the Olympic Games, sport climbing men and girls will include three disciplines: Speed ​​Climbing, Bouldering and Lead Climbing. In speed climbing, two athletes cling to ropes and compete on a difficult and fast path to the top of an excessive 15-meter wall.

The boulder includes climbers – without safety ropes – individually trying to climb as many routes mounted on a four-meter wall as they will do in four minutes. And in lead climbing, athletes will attempt to climb as high as they will on a 15-meter wall in less than 6 minutes, again using safety ropes. If two people reach the same peak, the one who made it the fastest wins.

Although climbers compete individually on all three occasions in World Cup competitions, every Olympic athlete is expected to participate in each of them as a combined occasion, which has sparked controversy within the climbing group. The latest rankings will likely be decided by mixed scores. Learn more about sport climbing.


Sailing makes its Olympic debut when women’s and men’s shortboard rivals hit the Japanese coast. A number of athletes compete at a time, each heat lasting 20 to 25 minutes, relying on the level of the waves. Throughout this point, each wave can only have one runner. Instead of being judged on the number of waves they catch, athletes are judged on the problem of the maneuvers they perform, with masterful execution on giant waves bringing in the highest scores. Learn more about competitive surfing.

Sports activities return to the Tokyo Olympics

Baseball and softball

After being absent from the last two Summer Olympics, men’s baseball and women’s softball come back. Because baseball is not that widespread in the world, only six countries will compete against each other.

In each sporting activity, two groups alternate between the stick and the fielding when the fielding team obtains three “outs”. Each hitting and alignment sphere is called a “round” and each sport consists of 9 rounds. The crew with essentially the most races after 9 races wins. Tied scores are resolved by additional rounds.

softball on a field

After a two-game hiatus, softball and baseball will likely be back in the summer Olympics lineup.


Baseball and softball are each executed in much the same way with only a few variations: Softball is played with a larger ball on a small discipline and the pitcher throws from below from level ground (not a mound). Softball bats are also generally shorter, lighter, and smaller in diameter. Learn more about baseball and softball.

In addition to the above new and old sporting activities, the World Olympic Committee has also offered the fresh experience to many new occasions in basketball, swimming, observation, discipline and more.

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