The best Netflix shows about high school life and adolescence

The trials and tribulations of high school life have become common ground for television and film over the past few years. Audiences find themselves resonating more than ever with stories of growing up, finding their place in the world, and self-acceptance.

Streaming platforms such as netflix have tapped into this storytelling demographic with their original and classic programming options. With both modern and established series to choose from, these series portray a satisfying slice of what high school life is really like for girls and boys. Check out these options below to find your favorite or new high school life series!

6 Sex education

sex education

The nature of teenage love and sexuality is a topic often explored in high school dramas. Fortunately, Sex education offers a refreshing, frank and sincere perspective on the subject. The series follows a group of high school students and adults navigating the tricky territory of dating, intimacy, and personal relationships. Sex education differs from most series in that it is not content with jokes or raunchy or easy themes.

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Instead, it points out the parallels between its adult and young actors and examines the difficulties of maintaining an authentic connection. It also boasts a truly talented ensemble cast including Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Mimee Keene and Aimee Lou Wood. Sex education received critical acclaim and attention as well as strong viewership. For fans of the coming of age story, Sex education is a compelling, mature, and engaging entry that’s an important watch.

5 stranger things

stranger things
Picture via Netflix

One of Netflix’s iconic series, if not stranger things has become a global phenomenon. The series, despite its sci-fi and horror tropes, is most effective at exploring its young cast, especially as they enter high school. stranger things both celebrates nostalgia but also highlights regardless of the year, our struggles at this age remain universal. The series also emphasizes the links between the characters, which gives it real resonance. While many may point to its visual effects, sets, or homages as its selling point, stranger things is ultimately a show about friendship, growing up, and the bonds we share.

The series has amassed legions of fans devoted largely to its ensemble cast and characters. Millie Bobbie Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Joe Keery, Gatten Matarazzo and Noah Schnapp all created iconic characters that audiences continue to cherish. stranger things remains very popular and its fourth season is eagerly awaited by many.

4 Atypical

Atypical renews for season 3 on Netflix

The idea of ​​feeling misunderstood, even pariah is recurrent in many high school series. Atypical takes things a step further by exploring life on the spectrum while delving into the uncertainty of high school life. Atypical follows 18-year-old Sam, who is on the spectrum and ready to find love and date. The series strikes a balance between sincere and humorous, and adopts a diverse perspective for its storytelling. Atypical also revolves around an ensemble cast that allows it to explore relationships, connections, and identity.

Atypical manages to approach potentially sensitive topics with heart, compassion, and honesty and also develops its characters authentically. Atypical has received strong critical attention and has been recognized for its diverse view of coming-of-age history that deals with autism. For those who love their particularly heartfelt high school stories, Atypical is a more than worthy selection.

3 american vandal

American Vandal canceled after 2 seasons on Netflix

Framed as a satire of true crime documentaries such as To make of a murderer, american vandal uses his high school setting for big laughs and big ideas. The series follows a vandalism incident that frames a dope slacker. However, two passionate students set out to deduce what they believe to be the truth behind the crime. american vandal explores Gen Z in a way that’s both clever and surprisingly relevant.

American Vandal offers a commentary on how high school can feel like the real world, as various factions strive to address their own motivations, whatever the cost. Add its parody and nods to thrillers and conspiracy documentaries and the results are endlessly entertaining, insightful, original, surprisingly suspenseful and hilarious as a teen comedy. american vandal was a critical success upon release and garnered a loyal fan base with its fresh and unique approach, and its cancellation after two brilliant seasons was seen as an injustice. Most notably, it proves that the high school series can still be subversive and inventive.

2 The End of the F*** King World

End of the Fxxxing World Trailer Brings Iconic Graphic Novel to Netflix

Quite an unconventional premise, this series follows teenage psychopath James who finds an unlikely connection with stranger Alyssa as they embark on a road trip to locate his real father. The series is a pretty risky mix of genres as it navigates between dark comedy and serious teen drama while introducing us to some very complex characters.

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However, despite its edgy premise, end of the fucking world has a level of sincerity and humanity that allows it to resonate with audiences. Its mix of dark humour, character and surrealism make it a truly quirky and unexpected gem (with wonderful needle drops in its superb soundtrack). For those looking for something refreshing in the genre, The end of the fucking world is a truly satisfying addition.

1 Cobra Kai


Majority and karate are an exciting mix, and over his four seasons, Cobra Kai took full advantage of this combo. The series that follows the beloved Karate Kid The franchise follows a group of high school students who find themselves in a war between Miyagi-do and the newly resurrected Cobra Kai. The results include plenty of thrilling drama, action, romance, and throwbacks to the original trilogy.

Cobra Kai, to like strange things, manages to engage with his candid look at teenage life and the struggles of coming to terms with your identity. The series tackles themes of bullying, acceptance, and trauma, but never in a heavy-handed way and invests deeply in its character arcs. Cobra Kai is notable for its action and thrills, but it’s even more impressive for its candor about teenage life. Cobra Kai has quickly become a smash hit for Netflix and has just aired its fourth season. For those who like their high school drama with a bit of nostalgia and action, Cobra Kai is a more than worthy choice.


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