“The family photo tells the whole story”

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Each family has a unique story. No one knows this better than TikToker Alexa Hansen (@prod.ofabeautifultragedy), who recently shared an eight-part video where she breaks down her family’s big secret, shocking viewers across the internet.

The first clip opens with a front shot of Hansen speaking to the camera.

“So this is my family,” Hansen says, showing viewers an old family photo superimposed on the screen. “I’m the super cute all-white girl with the super, super sweet haircut,” the second six-year-old says.

Hansen explains that since her parents were “super hippies”, they were never legally married. His mother therefore did not list a father on the birth certificates of her first three children in case they separated. However, her next three siblings had their father on the list, as her mother thought they had been together long enough.

The couple remained together until they both passed away after battling cancer when Hansen was 20, making her the primary caregiver for her siblings.

Having always been interested in family history and genealogy, Hansen, along with her siblings, submitted their DNA to 23andMe, a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company.

The shock of his life

Hansen didn’t know she was about to get the shock of her life. After receiving the test results, the family discovered that Hansen had a different biological father than the rest of his five siblings.

Because Hansen bears little resemblance to his siblings, it was a running joke in his family that the “milk” might be his biological father. One day, Hansen’s mother overheard her joking about it with her siblings and mentioned that her biological father might be a mysterious “karate guy”.

His mother happened to have dated a karate instructor and mentioned him frequently around her children. After Hansen asked a few of his mother’s friends the name of this person, one of them replied that it could be someone named Tony.

After learning this information, Hansen took his computer and used his “detective skills” to track down this person. When she discovered a LinkedIn profile belonging to a karate instructor in her town, Hansen saw his picture and noticed a resemblance.

After some correspondence and a paternity test later, Hansen discovered that the “karate guy” was indeed his biological father.

This family photo…

Hansen’s story had viewers on the edge of their seats.

“As soon as you showed the family photo, I could tell you weren’t like the others,” one user commented.

“Let’s take a minute and honor ourselves for raising your siblings,” one TikToker complimented.

“The family photo told the WHOLE story,” said another viewer.

Since her biological father is the “karate guy”, this officially makes her a “karate kid!”

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