The February Flash Sale is now live for Foam Staff LLC is running a flash sale in February on its foam-covered sticks. Customers who would like a discount off the order total are encouraged to use promo code FEBRUARYFOAM on their next purchase for a foam covered stick. offers two types of fighting sticks from Tiger Claw, a premium martial arts manufacturer renowned for the quality of its products. Although both staff options come in red and blue varieties, the main difference between the two is their size – customers can choose between 60″ and 70″ depending on their needs. Currently, these sturdy and durable sticks are available for $52.00 and $56.00, respectively. By using FEBRUARYFOAM at checkout, customers can reduce this already affordable price even further.

According to the store, the foam-covered sticks are suitable for a variety of scenarios, but they’re designed specifically to withstand the rigors of competition. These sticks also represent Tiger Claws latest advancements in safety-focused design. As a result, their users can rest assured that there is minimal risk of injury despite the firm and sturdy nature of the staff. Each fight stick has a lightweight PVC core that gives it a precise degree of flexibility, and the outer material is a durable black vinyl. Each weapon weighs no more than 3 pounds.

As long-time customers know, has been an active member of the martial arts community since its launch. The store aims to encourage new generations to take an interest in martial arts in addition to providing established practitioners with all the equipment they may need to practice at home or for large-scale competitions. This February flash sale is just the latest in a long line of promotional offers that aim to lower the bar of entry for a wide variety of martial arts disciplines, and customers who visit the store regularly will often find uniforms and other equipment available for very attractive prices. prices.

“Whether you’re just starting out or preparing to take the next step in your martial arts journey,” the store states, “it’s our fervent desire to make sure you have all the equipment and tools you need. you need to practice both safely and effectively. Our partners are some of the best known brands in the world and we are delighted to see our customers put these products to good use. In addition to Tiger Claw, offers merchandise from Adidas, Everlast, KWON, Tokaido Japan and more.Along with the expected listings, such as uniforms, the store offers customers the ability to browse a wide selection of martial arts-focused items, from body armor to from balls and punching bags to books and DVDs from experts in their respective fields.

For example, one of the most popular training tools in the martial arts world is the Wing Chun Dummy, a wooden dummy that practitioners use to hone their skills when not facing an actual opponent. “Also called Muk Yan Jong and Mu ren zhuang,” the company explains via its website, “the dummy is used in Wing Chun to practice attack and defense, combinations, soft structure, and other Wing Chun concepts. Chun. Other Chinese martial arts have also incorporated wooden dummies into their training methods, including Choy Lee Fut and Jeet Kune Do. Wing Chun dummies were traditionally made of wood, with the trunk of a tree for the body – and the arms made of branches. also offers Wing Chun dummies, from Tiger Claw, Century, etc.

The store’s community focus also led it to create the Warrior Scholarship in 2021, where the company offered one winner $500 to help martial artists with the cost of furthering their education. The program was open to all styles of martial arts.

Practitioners are welcome to browse the store today for all of their martial arts needs. Friends and family members who wish to support the progress of a loved one are also encouraged to use the store’s gift card program or contact a LLC representative for more information.


For more information about LLC, contact the company here: LLC LLC
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