The Waterside Taekwondo Club celebrates its 30th anniversary

The WATERSIDE Taekwondo Club celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Boasting clubs in Holbury, Netley, Totton and Redbridge, Waterside offers a variety of courses ranging from ‘Tiny Tigers’ to ‘Sports Sparring’.

Master Colin Graves started taekwondo in Southampton at the age of 18 and quickly became addicted to the sport.

During his competitive days, Graves won the British National Championships, with seven fight wins.

He also competed in two World Sparring Championships for Great Britain, in London and Barcelona.

After competing for seven years, Graves opened his own club in 1992, with Regan Atkinson the first student. Nine others quickly followed him through the door that night, and Waterside never looked back.

Students since include Master Sean Neill, who won his sixth National Veterans title at the Copper Box in London in 2021.

The club have won various competitions in the UK and overseas including several team trophies at Littledown competitions and the NTC event held in Nottingham.

Lily and Poppy Kingsley have come through the club lately and won a host of titles in the UK, and are starting to find success overseas.

Lily is now ranked world number two, while Poppy recently won the Swedish Open. Both, alongside Aimee Kim, are part of the British cadet squad training in Manchester.

Waterside Taekwondo Club works closely with British Taekwondo and has become one of the leading clubs in the south.

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