TM monopoly led to abandonment of Sukma’s taekwondo, observer says

Eddie Tuan

SIBU (August 23): The real reason taekwondo is being pulled from the Malaysia Games (Sukma) is that Taekwondo Malaysia (TM) monopolizes the sport in the country, banning talented representatives of other taekwondo associations from participating .

This is according to Eddie Tuan who is the general secretary of the Malaysia Taekwondo Association (MTA), one such association. Clarifying that this is his personal opinion, Tuan said that TM’s monopoly thwarted the purpose of taekwondo competition in Sukma. All the best taekwondo fighters in the country, he added, are expected to come together to compete for supremacy before earning the right to represent the country.

“I personally think that the National Sports Council (NSC) and the Supreme Committee of Sukma have done a good job in doing a favor to those talented representatives of the country who are deprived of the opportunity to represent the country, thus abandoning the sport of Sukma,” he said.

Tuan was responding to an earlier statement by Minister of State for Youth, Sports and Entrepreneurship Development Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah who questioned whether the sport had been dropped from Sukma due to the excellence of the Sarawak by winning numerous taekwondo gold medals over the past three editions of Sukma. .

Tuan said that Abdul Karim must have been misled by some groups about this and was therefore unaware of the problems with taekwondo. He agreed with the minister that there is too much politics in Malaysian sport.

“Why the need for someone (who is) not an athlete or someone who is not part of the sports fraternity to run the sports association?” he asked, probably referring to TM’s management.

Sukma’s goal, Tuan repeated, is to bring the country’s best athletes into the competition before the best are chosen to represent Malaysia in international tournaments.

“Unfortunately that was not the case (for taekwondo). When TM was formed several years ago, they confiscated the rights of our governing body (MTA), manipulated the sport and banned fighters outside of TM to participate,” he said, adding that many talented fighters from different taekwondo association groups in the country were banned from participating in Sukma.

‘So what is the purpose of Sukma. We might as well let it go,” he explained.

Tuan recalled that for Perak Sukma 2018, several MTA athletes were selected to participate but unfortunately at the last minute they were told to register with TM before being allowed to participate.

“The athletes signed up with TM but somehow they didn’t win anything because all the referees were from TM,” he said.

“Sport should be open to everyone and let the best fighter win,” he said.

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