University of Nevada student dies after participating in fraternity boxing match


A student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, died of brain damage after participating in a fraternity boxing match, which aimed to raise money for charity.

Nathan Valencia, 20, died of brain damage suffered after participating in the school’s Kappa Sigma fraternity “Fight Night” on November 19. Valencia died a few days later, on November 23.

Instagram Publish made by the fraternity classifies the Valencia match as “the main event”. The “Fight Night” took place off campus, according to a statement from university president Keith E. Whitfield.

Nathan Valence.Courtesy of Richard Harris Law Firm

“Shortly after his fight, Nathan collapsed and was taken to hospital. We are shocked and heartbroken as we mourn the loss of one of our own,” Whitfield said in a statement that the university shared with NBC News.

Whitfield said the university will make all resources available so the incident can be investigated. He added that the school will examine how off-campus events can be “as safe as possible.”

“Our deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and loved ones. I am sure words cannot describe their sense of grief and emptiness. They are on our minds during this very difficult time,” said Whitfield.

The Valencia family said they were heartbroken at the loss and said “mistakes were made and safety precautions overlooked” during the boxing match, according to a statement from lawyers Nick Lasso and Ryan Zimmer of the Richard Harris law firm.

“We will conduct a full investigation to determine how the UNLV and the Kappa Sigma Fellowship could enable and promote an event like this. Students should not be placed in a situation where they are pitted against each other for combat. “, he added. the statement reads.

“Fight Night” is an event that takes place annually, according to the release. Proceeds from the event benefit Center Ring Boxing, a youth boxing club, according to a fellowship post on Instagram.

“We will spare no effort to determine how a 20-year-old ended up in a school-sanctioned amateur fight that claimed his life,” the statement said.

A vigil was held on Saturday night to mourn Valencia on what would have been their 21st birthday, NBC News affiliate News3LV reported.


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