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Hyderabad: Since taking up karate in 1996, Gopal Satya Reddy has been a man on a mission. This 46-year-old fifth Dan of karate has made sincere efforts to disseminate this martial art in the state, especially among women. “Women need to learn karate as a self-defense weapon because the majority of them perform tasks at irregular hours. I taught more than one lakh in 2017-18 as part of women’s empowerment, ”said the karate instructor, who has her academy at Madapati Hanumantha Rao Girls High School, 75, at the YMCA- Narayanguda.

A mechanical engineer, Gopal Reddy chose karate because of his love for the martial art. “There is a lot of science involved in karate. There are a lot of benefits if you learn karate as it gives you a healthy life. Recently, together with veteran Dr Krishna Reddy, I also started a program for the elderly. I’m glad there is a good answer, ”he said.

Gopal Reddy has run karate programs in schools and colleges. He was also involved in the dissemination of karate among police personnel. The most recent was at Chanchalguda Training College where he taught through karate technique on the art of lifting a person.

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“Usually, when there is a dharna, the police, men and women, are required to lift and move agitated people. I taught them to lift them without hurting or hurting anyone. The usual self-defense and how to lock and unlock them, ”he said. This karate instructor ran a training program in all police centers in town like APPA, Amberpet Police Training Center and National Police Academy.

More recently, he went to the trouble of teaching the art of karate to 3,800 female bus drivers. “These female drivers work irregular hours and have to deal with different people who sometimes behave badly,” he added.

Apart from these training programs, he celebrates Telangana Training Day in his own style. On the first day of Telangana training, his eldest daughter Amrutha broke 365 tiles with her forehead in 2015. On the third day of training, Amrutha broke 36 granite stones on the nail head in two minutes and 58 seconds and On the fifth day of Telangana training in 2019, Amrutha and her sister Gana Santoshini Reddy smashed 60 Shabad stones in 3 minutes and 5 seconds after being set at five minutes. On the seventh day of Telangana training in 2021, Santoshi broke 84 ceramic tiles in 84 seconds.

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