Welcome to 2021 Guangzhou China Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Exhibition in November 26-28


GUANGZHOU, China, November 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – 2021 is a big year for sports where the Olympic Games, the European Championship, the Copa América, the National Games of the People’s Republic of China have in turn staged the Beijing The 2022 Winter Olympics, which attracted worldwide attention, are starting to take place, and the China Sports Culture Exhibition and the China Sports Tourism Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “CSCTE”) with many years of history are about to unfold as planned. The conference is organized by Asia Data Group.

Under the theme “New Mission, New Journey, Shared Dream”, the CSCTE 2021 will be held in Canton, a famous sports town of China, of November 26 to 28. It will be an annual sports festival attracting global attention opened in Canton.

Follow us to “preview” CSCTE 2021 if you want to experience the splendor of Chinese sport since the founding of the CPC, relive the heroic deeds of Olympic athletes, witness the Chinese nation’s determination and pace to become a sporting power , embrace the national pride brought by sport and absorb the powerful positive energy created by sport!

To live the splendor of Chinese sports over the century and strengthen national self-confidence

It is reported that the CSCTE this year consists of four main parts: a series of forums, exhibitions, support activities and business hospitality. Based on the national strategy of a sports powerhouse, it has set up five large exhibition spaces: Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Zone, Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Zone, International Zone and Country Pavilions, Sports Brands Zone and Zone Intelligent Sport, with the objective of globally improving the quality of sport development and the mission of leading a positive sport culture.

In the Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Zone, we can see the protection and promotion of from China sports intangible cultural heritage, traditional Chinese sports culture, sports culture and creativity, exhibition of sports painting and calligraphy, sharing of sports and television films, achievements at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and 100e anniversary of the founding of the CPC, among others. It fully demonstrates the achievements of from China development of the sport over the last 100 years since the founding of the CPC, as well as the historic advancements and glorious achievements of the sport that echo the history of the CPC and the country, allowing visitors to better understand the great model of the sport in the new stressed by General Secretary Xi Jinping that “to accelerate the construction of sports power, we must know that the dream of sports power is closely related to the Chinese dream and integrate sports into the overall scheme of achievement of the “two centenary goals”.

This year, the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Sports Administration of China, in collaboration with the Wushu Administrative Center of the General Administration of Sports of China and the Xiangqi Chinese Association, created a traditional Chinese sports culture zone focused on Chinese chess and Wushu, providing an atmosphere that is both mentally and physically trained, dynamic and static. In addition to the exhibition, the public will also be able to participate in many activities such as traditional Chinese Wushu arena competition, “short weapons” exhibition and performance, live chess, interaction with fans. chess and artistic gatherings.

Meanwhile, dozens of unique ethnic sporting events including Shaolin Wushu, Fushan Boxing of Shanxi, Wing Chun of Fujian, Traditional Tibetan horseback riding, Dragon boat, Bingcuqiu (ice ball) from Beijing, Nanfeng Nuo Dance of Jiangxi and Linzi Cuju (kickball) from Shandong will break the boundaries of time and space, and will be presented to each audience in a modern traditional display manner combined with multimedia. It is believed that by then, we will all be immersed in the unique charm of traditional Chinese sports culture, embrace the broad and deep Chinese culture from the sports point of view again, and strengthen our confidence and belief in realizing the dream. sporty power. and the great Chinese dream.

Relive the glory of the Tokyo Olympics and host the upcoming Winter Olympics

In 1932, Liu Changchun, the first Chinese Olympian, despite the turbulence, resolutely surrendered United States participate in the Olympic Games, simply wishing to win China recognition on the world stage. 52 years later, at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Xu Haifeng won the 60-round male slow pistol shooting champion, and China eventually won her first Olympic gold medal. At the Tokyo Olympics this summer, Chinese athletes won 38 gold, 32 silver, 18 bronze, placing second for a total of 88 medals, which once again impressed the world with strength , the speed and elegance of China.

There are also special sections related to the Olympics in China in the CSCTE Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Zone, which exhibits the Tokyo Olympic Games Torch Relay, Chinese sports delegation equipment, as well as iconic clothing and equipment from gold medal-winning athletes to highlight the powerful spiritual strength provided by sport for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the new era. There will also be famous Olympians at the opening ceremonies and related CSCTE events. Stay tuned to find out who they are.

Of course, as the Beijing With the 2022 Winter Olympics approaching, CSCTE will certainly be presented with elements of the Winter Olympics. There will be both brainstorming questions and answers about the Winter Olympics and a unique “Ice & Snow” Feihualing (puns), where the audience can explore the Chinese connotations of the Winter Olympics culture in various activities.

Today, we no longer need gold medals to prove that China is a sporting powerhouse, but every time we win, every time the five star red flag is raised, we will always be excited. Let’s relive every inspiring Olympic moment in Chinese sports history at CSCTE and feel the pride of being Chinese.

Let sport enter deeply into life to win the future with health

It is well said that sport is one of the industries that can best reflect the self-confidence of a country. In addition to professional competitive sports, the deep integration of sports culture with the tourism industry, leisure industry and even trend culture reflects people’s continued pursuit of high-quality and healthy lives. It is only in a peaceful, prosperous and positive social environment that people can have such high needs.

In the CSCTE Sports Culture and Tourism Zone this year, the public will see numerous exhibitions of sports tourism, sports recreation, sporting events and stadium resources across the country and even around the world. In addition to “regular” content such as diving in Hainan, ski in the northeast and participate in a marathon, exciting new options including sea fishing in the Changshan archipelagos in Dalian, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Buyun Valley in a camper van, venture to the Shennongjia Savage Pentathlon outdoor experience route, walk along the new Long walk red sports course and watching a world-class tennis match, will also be added to the sports and recreation packages.

In the meantime, countries like Nepal, Argentina and Netherlands as well as foreign manufacturers such as Ice-World International, Italian Excellencies, will also present and promote their sports resources and featured products, and share the latest business opportunities of the international sports industry with all walks of life.

With the proposal and implementation of the goal of the National Fitness Strategy, the enthusiasm for fitness has been greatly increased, and the population has a high demand for sports services, sports public service facilities and sporting goods. In modern society, people are increasingly “picky” about the quality of sports services, the intelligence and innovation of sports facilities and products. This year, CSCTE has Sports Brands Zone and Smart Sports Zone, which will fully display the new achievements made in the development of from China the sports industry in the new era.

The 5e-Generation Double Fish Super table tennis robot, with intelligent parameters for multiple training models, can not only simulate real players, but also provide high intensity training close to real combat. The new intelligent dynamic boxing system integrates fitness, entertainment and catharsis, making it easier to practice with more fun. Technology + artificial turf exploitation, smart seats and smart venues not only show technologies, but also provide an unprecedented new experience. Good Family Outdoor Smart Gym can effectively target users with different needs, provide personalized fitness programs and advice, and further improve people’s health. The national fitness services platform represented by “Quntitong” will fully demonstrate how smart sports can make sports more convenient for people.

In short, CSCTE 2021 will present to the public the endless possibilities in the deep integration of sport, tourism and everyday life.

Sport is not only about athletics and competitions, but also physical fitness, purification of the soul and maintenance of faith. He has the power to change the world. At November 26-28, 2021, let’s come together at CSCTE to embrace the positive energy that Chinese sports bring to the world and to all of us.

SOURCE Asia Data Group


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