What happened to Luis Resto? – The cheater who ended William Collins’ boxing career

Luis Resto will always be remembered as one of boxing’s greatest villains, who rocked the entire sports community with his hideous act in an in-ring affair against William Collins on June 16, 1983.


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Resto became the first man to beat Collins in a pro-boxing bout, which later turned into a NO-Contest when administrators heard the news of Resto’s unpadded gloves. The aftermath of the fight created serious controversy, which made the fight even more recognizable as the night’s headliner between Roberto Duran and Davey Moore.


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Interestingly, neither Resto nor Collins ever fought in a professional boxing match again. William Collins died nine months after the fight in a tragic car crash, while Luis Resto remained a ‘cheater’ for boxing fans his whole life. Although nearly four decades have passed since that fight, the fighting world continues to remember it to this day.

Luis Resto vs. William Collins – What Happened That Night?

Companion Resto already had multiple losses on his resume when he locked horns against an undefeated William Collins in a stacked Madison Square Garden in New York. The pair dragged themselves away in a 10-round collision with Luis Resto earning a unanimous decision victory.

Meanwhile, the wound scars on Collin’s face raised several questions. His father and trainer, Billy Sr., notably demanded to examine Luis Resto’s gloves, to which Resto protested. However, the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) reportedly intervened on the scene. They discovered that a layer of Resto padding had been removed from the gloves.

Luis Resto used doctored gloves to injure his opponent, which could have caused death inside the ring. More than three years after the fight, lawmakers found Resto and his trainer guilty of criminal activity in the ring. Resto was sentenced to three years in prison and a lifetime ban from boxing.


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His coach also received a lifetime ban from the sport and 6 months imprisonment. The drama did not end there. While boxing fans cursed Luis Resto for his activities, the real incident came into the limelight several years later.

The brutal and ugly side of sport

According to reports, Resto admitted to using plaster under the gloves, which caused damage to Williams’ face. This means it was worse than offering bare-knuckle action to an opponent. Although Luis Resto’s trainer denied the allegations, the boxer was quick to cite what really happened that night.


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In a media interaction, Resto said, “I should have said something. I lived with it for 24 years. I had to give up. I’m sorry for keeping my mouth shut.

“I went to see Collins’ ex-wife. She accepted my apologies. I also went to the cemetery to show my respect to Billy Collins. I said to Billy, ‘I’m sorry for what I did to you.’ “


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Despite Resto’s regrets, it doesn’t change the fact that he caused one of the biggest cheats in sports history, which shook the entire fan base. That said, Resto vs. Collins will always be an eye-catcher on the boxing radar.

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