When an elderly man was thrown into a river by karate, two girls did not think of rushing to save his life


Two teenagers who trained a human to chain to save an elderly man after he was thrown into a river by karate thugs have been nominated for a bravery award.

Friends Ellie Hughes and Khloe Woods, both 15, were credited with saving the life of the 74-year-old after he was thrown into the icy waters of the River Mersey in Cheshire in April.

The fisherman, who fished for the first time since the lockdown, stood by the riverside near Riverside Retail Park in Warrington as he flew, hit from behind and thrown into the water.

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Images of the attack circulated on social media later in the day, showing the offenders running away laughing afterwards.

Ellie and Khloe were walking around when they heard a group of young people screaming “there is a man in the river” near where they were standing.

It was then that the couple refused to stand by and rushed to help.

“We walked faster at that point, just in case someone was actually there and in trouble and when we saw the man in the water holding onto a branch, we immediately started walking. help, ”Ellie said.

The couple formed a human chain to help them out of the water.

“Ellie grabbed me and I reached out and grabbed the man,” Khloe said.

“I was worried that when he let go of the branch, I might lose my grip and he would come down the river.”

Images of the sickening attack were posted on social media

“It was very scary. The whole time I was holding Khloe I was saying ‘please don’t fall’, ”Ellie added.

Thanks to their heroic efforts, the girls managed to get the man, who had a bleeding nose and had been shaken badly, to safety.

Although they themselves were shaking with worry, they offered to call an ambulance for him, but the man “didn’t want any fuss” and insisted on walking away from the scene unaided.

However, Ellie and Khloe have since met the victim’s family, who thanked them for what they did that day.

The victim’s daughter said she believed the girls saved her father by holding his head above the water and pulling him to shore despite his jacket full of water.

She said her father kept being upset as she remembered the incident as he feared that without the girls’ help that day he could have had a heart attack and drowned.

“We didn’t really think about what we were doing that day, but the man could have been family, and you would do the same for them if they had any issues,” Ellie said.

Ellie’s father, St. Hughes, later said he was “absolutely overflowing with pride” when his daughter told him what had happened.

Ellie and Khloe formed a human chain to save the man

“I don’t think they realize how bad it was and what they actually did,” he said.

“I said ‘you saved a man’s life’ – I don’t think they realize at that age.”

The girls have now been nominated for a grand prize.

They reached the bottom four in the Young Heroes category as part of Amplifon’s Best of British Heroes Awards.

They were invited to the virtual awards ceremony on Tuesday 5 October, which will be hosted by BBC One TV and radio presenter Rachel Burden. The hero of the Falklands War, Simon Weston, will be the guest of honor and member of the jury.

Created in honor of Amplifon’s founder, global hearing specialist, WWII hero Major Charles Holland, the awards recognize courage and achievement in categories such as Service To Country, Charity Champion , Active Agers, Young Hero, Hero Pet, Celebrity Hero and Coronavirus Hero.

Judges will choose a General Hero Award winner from the category winners

Two teenagers were convicted of the “without cause” attack earlier this year.

In June, Benjamin Bridgeman, 19, of Quebec Road in Warrington, who kicked the man in the river, was jailed for 10 weeks for assault in Warrington Magistrates’ Court.

Earlier this month, a 16-year-old boy who cannot be named due to his age, who filmed the attack while it was happening, then posted it on Snapchat with a smiling emoji next to it, received a 12 month youth removal order. at Warrington Youth Court.

Prosecutors said “the victim could have drowned.”

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