Why The Karate Kid Movie Being Independent Of Cobra Kai Could Be A Good Thing

The immense popularity of Cobra Kaithe YouTube-turned-Netflix series that relaunched the Karate Kid franchise, has resulted in plans for a new movie entry in the series. However, the word that it might not be related to the events of the series has left many fans confused.

One of Cobra-Kai Creators Jon Hurwitz acknowledged the project in a tweet the day after Sony’s Columbia Pictures announced the June 7, 2024 release date, stating:

“The guys and I would love to do Karate Kid and Cobra Kai movies and hope to do that one day. But this one isn’t about us or focused on the Cobra Kai cast. I don’t know much about that. subject, but I wish him good luck.

Labeling what will be the sixth feature film in the franchise and the first film in the series since the version starring Jaden Smith in 2010 (although the events of that film may not be considered canon), “the return of the ‘original Karate Kid franchise’, many believe the 2024 edition could be a pure big-screen reboot, a legacy sequel.


What is puzzling is that Cobra Kai, now five seasons with 50 episodes, served that function with the return of the original cast and the introduction of new characters, so how a movie could be its own thing and be part of the same universe is a baffling prospect indeed. But the answer to the question of how the 2024 movie could exist separately and with the series could be found in the “Miyagi-Verse.”

A new angle for the Miyagi-Verse

The “Miyagi-Verse”, named after the iconic character of the original series, Mr. Miyagi (Noriyuki “Pat” Morita), contains the continuity of the films, The Karate Kid Part II, Part III, and The Next Karate Kid, and the five seasons of the small screen sequel, Cobra Kai. It may be the cornerstone of the new direction or the statement the new movie will make about the whole saga.

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With no synopsis, cast, or details beyond the date of the announcement and statement of the original franchise’s return, one can only speculate that a new Karate Kid The film can both build on the established narrative of Miyagi-Verse but implant its own space as it could expand the landscape of Miyagi’s mentorship, his former students, and the vast expanse of his story before and after the timeline of the franchise.

Whether The Karate Kid 2024 is a reboot, reimagining, or reunion worth seeing, and whether the original cast or the Cobra Kai recruits will be included. Still, it’s safe to assume there will be some kind of connection in the form of reprized roles and pivotal characters making appearances. It’s hard to imagine that this project won’t involve any of the same actors or actresses.

A Karate Kid film that promises a return to the stature of the original film series, but without Ralph Macchio, would be a tough sell, especially since its recapture of the Daniel LaRusso character is a big factor in the success of Cobra Kai. Ditto for his co-star, William Zabka, as Johnny Lawrence. But if the new film is going into different territory than the series about their rivalry, the possibilities for a plot, a different tonal feel, and larger thematics could be worked on by a skilled writer in a Karate Kid film that holds up while remaining in the franchise.

It may be impossible to achieve, but the ambitious concept of building a sequel may be unrelated to Cobra Kai is commendable. That means it won’t just be a cash grab to exploit the show’s success. With so many complaints about lack of originality in show business, this may be an established property, but the proposed attempt at a different angle on hardware for the big screen than what has worked on the small so far is an intriguing idea that could pay off big-time.

Bringing The Karate Kid back to the big screen

Cobra-Kai The fifth season dropped on Netflix last month (September 9), with no plans yet announced for a sixth season. Since Hurwitz and co-creators Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald are currently working on the new action-comedy Canceledalso for Netflix, Cobra Kai likely won’t be back until late 2023.

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In the meantime, we’ll find out what awaits us The Karate Kid hitting the big screen in 2024, and perhaps that will inform season six of Cobra Kai if he has a connection. A possible model for the proposed project could very well be X-Files: Fight the Futurethe 1998 film that worked both in the show’s storyline and as a standalone movie for people who haven’t watched the show.

Behind the scenes of The Karate Kid ’24 will be heavily scrutinized as more information comes to light, especially since the news reported so far is quite vague. What little we do know inspires excitement as it indicates the wheels are turning towards an eventual resurrection of The Karate Kid’s presence on the big screen.

Here’s hoping the filmmakers, whoever they are, have the vision to make cinematic magic again in the Miyagi-Verse.

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