Young Glasgow carer selected for martial arts competitions

The 15-year-old rising star has taken the karate world by storm alongside his care duties – but he needs community support if he is to continue.

A 15-year-old carer from Glasgow is living his dream of representing Scotland as a martial artist – winning the Scottish Championships and being selected for competitions across the UK and Europe.

Zane Longmuir practices Karate, he is only 15 years old, and is a young carer for his mother Audrey, who suffers from both rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue. While carrying out his duties as a caregiver, he managed to complete his training from the age of nine at Douglas Academy in Milngavie.

Zane has been training in karate since 2010, and all that hard work paid off last year when he was chosen to represent the Scottish Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) at several competitions throughout Great Britain.

Zane was recently selected to compete at the World Championships in September. His next competition is next month at the European Championships in Switzerland, where he is part of a small, selected Scottish team. The costs associated with this are estimated to be around £2,000.

Zane Longmuir said: “I loved it the very first time I tried it. I love all the Sensei (karate instructors) who teach. They are kind but strict and always encouraged me to do my best. It’s just my mom and me, but even when she’s not feeling well, she makes sure I don’t miss my practice.

“Not only was the karate great, but it was really nice for my mom and I to go away for the weekend. It was like we were on vacation together. Something we don’t always get to TO DO.

“I was very lucky to have found a sport that I love and made some good friends.”

Zane Longmuir (middle) is a young carer and karate practitioner – the 15-year-old is a rising star performing across Europe but needs the support of the community if he is to continue his meteoric career in martial arts.

The young carer was able to cover the cost of entering competitions by saving his Christmas and birthday money. With support from local group, CarersLink, Zane was able to access funding through donations, bequests and a Short Breaks Time to Live grant.

Carers Link and Zane’s mother, Audrey, are now seeking wider community support for Zane. Although Carers Link can still contribute financially to Zane and his family, they are concerned that this will not be enough to meet all the needs of Zane and other young carers across Glasgow, and will not be sustainable.

Audrey and Carers Link are for any organization, trust, local business or individual who would be interested in sponsoring Zane to support his childhood dream.

Audrey said: “We really appreciate all the support Carers Link has given us over the past year. They have always supported Zane as a young carer, but went above and beyond last year with the additional funding.

“Since my health changed years ago, I’ve sometimes found it frustrating not being able to work and support myself like I could before.

“Through these competitions, I have seen Zane gain confidence and physical and mental strength. He is able to meet and hang out with his peers as well as enjoy normal childhood interactions.

If you would like to sponsor Zane to continue his work making Glasgow proud, please contact Veronica at Carers Link on 07827 062645 or [email protected].

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